Hello parents and kids , I never thought i could ever write a poem, but it just takes a little bit of your effort and you can be a poet too. 

Put simply, A poem is a collection of ideas and thoughts and observations ,arranged with rhyming words or patterns. 

I wrote my poem below first as an observation and something that really happened to me . My son pushed me to write a poem as their school asked some of the parents to come and share poetry with kids. It took me less than 30 minutes to create a poem of my own . My inspiration for the below is Mr. Ruskin Bond. When I read out this poem to my kid's class mates I saw smiles and laughter on their faces , I hope you all will like it too and inspire to write your own poem for your little one. 

The black shiny crow 

Here it goes 

On one fine sunny day,

As I sat on my desk to start my work

A black shiny crow took my attention away

It shrieked kaw kaw kaw

I looked at it and said what an ugly crow

My mind thought and my hands clapped to shoo him away

but the nasty fellow replied Kaw kaW kaw

It was now  trying hard to take  my peace away

My mind raced and imagined to take out my son’s nerf gun

And shoot him with bright orange pellets

The crow was still staring at me and asked  Kaw Kaw Kaw

Well, well the pellets may never reach him & I may not able able to teach him

So, I gave up the silly thought and looked at my desk

Lo behold, I had a glass full of water , may be I could really reach him

My mind flew and the water flew from the glass towards the shiny crow

Just what I imagined, the water never reached him, and he danced kaw kaw kaw

Frustrated and dejected, I gave up, I closed the window

The crow could still see me & mocked again kaw kaw kaw

Then I walked to my book shelf and picked up a book ,

And I opened a random page and can you guess what it said

Oh God, Teach us to love the birds and beasts

and the wayside flowers and mute grasses often crushed by our feet

 As soon as I closed the book to go back to the window

To Look at the shiny black crow, alas he was gone.

I felt sad, I felt bad, I miss you dear shiny crow

All you came to ask for a little love, all I gave you was

Kaw kaw kaw

The next day as  I looked again at the black shiny crow it wasn’t so ugly it was only a silly cute crow .