As the situation of COVID19 continues to worsen, it is really unpredictable that when kids will begin to learn in the physical environment of schools. Almost all the students across the world are learning online and it becomes of utmost importance for parents to lend a helping hand to kids trying to learn virtually in online classes during the lock-down.

As parents, it is natural to be worried about kids and their learning because parents do not want their development to be hindered at any cost. It becomes really important for kids to adapt to the virtual methods of learning. Children should not feel any online school burnout while taking their online classes. Make sure to speak only good things about their online preschool and educators so that they learn to appreciate and learn from the online classes and not think of them as a hindrance or burden in their routine.

Many parents are facing issues and concerns that whether everything that kids are learning in online classes during lock-down should not hinder their future learning at any cost. Teachers and parents both understand online classes especially online preschool is exhausting and it is a daily battle for toddlers as well. as teachers, but parents and teachers together can make it more interesting. Support them with lots of other material promoting their value addition in their concepts.

Look for the content of the online learning:

It becomes of utmost importance to glance through the study material that your kid will be learning in his or her online classes because it is really important that the study material they are exposed to is age-appropriate and value-adding to the knowledge, especially among toddlers.

To enable better learning preschool will definitely opt for the activities; Help your kids to understand basic things and materials to do their activities, talk to them about the pandemic and its implications. Educate them their online preschool is because it is important to practice social distancing to keep them secure. Make them understand they are learning online so they are socially distant from people and not from education.

Ensure online classes are two way communication for kids:

Kids are really curious about learning. If they are stopped from questioning or sometimes when they do not get reasonable answers to their questions they get anxious. It is really important to ensure kids are physically present and mentally active in their online classes.

During their online classes even if they are forced to keep their mics on mute; it should not stop them from pondering their mind on the subject and once the teacher finishes explaining and ask them to speak they should get all their queries answered. If they are allowed to participate democratically in their online classes it will help them have a lightened up learning atmosphere and not the former one.

Ensure the quality of education while kids are learning online:

While kids are learning online from their school it becomes necessary to involve them in different activities and motivate them to do different practical things which ensure their hands-on learning and also keep their curiosity to explore alive. You will have to adapt to the fact that for online classes teacher can deliver explanations of concepts in the easiest manner, can also show relevant videos to kids but as parents being their parent partner and a helping hand for their activities can only solve the issue and keep them more excited about learning efficiently.

Ensure active participation for the better future of your kid:

Set up their regular study environment which will ensure consistency for their learning. Kids will begin to establish the routine for better learning from online classes. Ensure wherever you are setting up a space for their learning is enabled with a high speed internet connection to ensure the smooth running of class

es and does not lag in between, have all the required books, materials and software in place and is also equipped with the good quality sound system for better listening to the lectures and discussions.

Settle down with the strategy that works best for your kid by eliminating all the distractions in their education from their online classes by organizing their study desk with no objects to play for better focus and

A smooth learning experience.

Help educators to understand what works best for your kid to learn and ensure the same cosy environment for their better learning. Like, make their online classes study strategy more relevant. Print their stories and other materials in color to make them more attractive. Make sure your kid is actively participating in all the discussions in their online classes.

Learning should go on continuously at all cost:

Online classes should motivate the child with enough support and guidance that is required for kids after enrolling into online preschool and they are motivating the kid to adapt to the new age learning method. Technology is huge and kids are really struggling to learn with age constraint.

Online preschools are also trying the best of their capabilities to deliver the materials are kid-
friendly and appropriate to their age. Ensure your kid is compatible with online learning through experiential methods.

Make sure your child is involved and focused on learning ensure they are learning from all the basic materials at home. Which brings connection to their learning method? Check their learning periodically for their knowledge up-gradation.

Ensure a safe and secure learning environment for kids:

Make sure you are always present with your kid in the room when they are attending their online classes to ensure they are not distracted and learning without any distraction. Make sure the backdrop of your kid is also plain so that other participants are also not distracted by any attractive object present in their back.

Make sure the child is well dressed and well-groomed to make them understand the seriousness of maintaining decorum while learning. Ensure the device is charged sufficiently to avoid even a minute distraction from device closure or device warning.